Ooba Manipur video
Ooba is the first internet video channel from Manipur and the North East India. Ooba is a Manipuri word which means "to see".
Manipur is a small state in northeastern India in the southern arm of the Eastern Himalaya. Many facets of this state and its inhabitants are not well known to the rest of India and the world.

Ooba would try to unravel the mysteries and beauties of this land and its people through a mosaic collection of audio-video. We hope that this platform will help discover and expose the talents of the people and the intricacies of the society of Manipur.
Ooba would collect and showcase videos that have cultural and educational aspects; and those which unravel certain stigmas or celebrations of the society of Manipur. We hope to be a platform for works of independent talents in their audio-video ventures which otherwise do not find a platform to share or present their works.

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